Dowsing and Common Sense

by Joe & Marta Smith

Many years ago dowsing was used for many things and then in this country it kind of went dead for a while and came back to locate water and ore mainly. Dowsing is used for many things.

It is employed for medical purposes. Diagnosing machinery to find the problem. Finding detrimental energy in homes and buildings – Working on crime cases – finding lost people – Finding lost planes, finding areas of concern on the human form. We can’t diagnose, but we can tell them where there might be a problem. That is the reason for the areas of concern wording.

Of course water dowsing will always be around. I have a friend in Australia who uses dowsing for many things but one thing is dowsing for gold in the desert. Using a pendulum or some other tool while sending healing energy increases the power of the signal vastly. People dowse for the right amount of vitamins and in some cases medicine. Case in point, Marta, my wife, had a pace maker installed and the doctor gave her a couple of pills to take every day. She felt bad on the dose she was taking, so I told her to dowse it and take what the pendulum told her. She did and cut one pill in half and felt much better. Next time she went for a check up she told the doctor and he said he would have doubled it, DUH! Anyway, he did say it was ok, as things looked well and she felt much better. My son had a similar experience and results were the same. There is a reason they call them practicing physicians, they use you to practice on.

We as farmers dowse to find out if the seasons rain fall will be enough for certain crops. This determines what we need to plant. If rainfall is short, change to a crop that takes less water, plenty of rain, plant corn. Weather can be a very important thing in the Midwest. Tornadoes are a common thing around here. By dowsing you can locate the storms and their track that they will follow on a map, a state highway map.
When planning a trip in the winter, ice and snow are always in the back of your mind. We always dowse the planned trip before we depart. It has proved valuable many times, like leaving a day early just to miss an unpredicted storm. We have done that several times.

Investing, that is a big iffy. When the market is going up it is easy. The hard thing is getting the nerve to sell. You always think its coming back. Oil and Gas wells, I always dowse before investing and have made and lost money. I have made a lot more than I lost! The money lost was not really the fault of the dowsing. When you only have a small share in the well, sometimes they move the agreed on location resulting in a dry well. You learn a lot from your mistakes.

Map dowsing, is a very good tool to learn. It can be used for just about anything that needs to be found, even hunting deer or finding where to throw that fishing line. 99% of the time I carry a pendulum and use it everyday for something.

Communicating with the spirit world, each of us has spirit guides and guardian angels. So learn to talk to them. They are there to help you. But you have to ask for their help.

All types of health uses for dowsing. Balancing your charkas, self-healing, both mental and physical, and many more. Anything that you can think up a question for, you can dowse it.

These is just a few of the many things we use dowsing for.

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