Water Works

By Raymon Grace

We have all the water there is…No one is making any more of it. Each day there are more people drinking, using, and polluting it. This is a trend that cannot continue.

However, based on our experiences with water since April of 2001, I would like to share with you some things we have learned that will allow you to make a positive difference in the future of our Earth. Water has a “Spirit” which responds to respect. Lack of respect and greed seem to be the main reason that water has been polluted. We might also add ignorance, because if people really understood the importance of water, they would treat it with more respect.

In my little book, Techniques That Work For Me, I list a number of things one can do to clear various negative energies from people and property. It seems the same techniques can be used to clear bodies of water.

We have discovered we can put a thought form into water to cause it to energize all water it comes in contact with. This was done by sitting a bottle of energized water on a table with a bottle of plain water. The next morning the plain water had an energy equal to the energized water. It has some surprising side effects––my friend Jeannie energized a part of the Atlantic Ocean where she was swimming and 20 dolphins showed up and stayed all day!

How do we purify the water? By using our dowsing system to scramble the frequency of the chemical, biological and radiological pollutants of the water and adjust them to the frequency of pure water. We then put a thought form into the water to cause it to energize all water that comes in contact with it’s energy field and for the process be repeated continually.

However, we may put in a thought form for a specific correction to be made in our bodies or the bodies of animals. I suspect that this could be used to create a more positive mental attitude in folks. Maybe we could even energize the raindrops and invite in the spirits of respect and compassion so that these characteristics would affect anyone who was within the energy field of the raindrops.

Here are some comments from my friend Don Scott of Kentucky. Don is a retired minister who started using the information to help people in his congregation. Here is another of his successes. “I have not been able to clear the water in my fish tank because my tap water is full of rust and iron. The fish were dying and attacking each other. Then I spied the bottle of water we purified at your class. I put a dropper of water in the 20 gal. tank. About an hour I glance at the tank. The water was clear, the fish were swimming lazily around the tank and not attacking other fish. No more fish have died. It is still clear as a bell and I just sit and marvel over it. Your Friend, Don”

This one is from a cousin in California. “Thank you for telling me I can program the water to help my body. I had very painful joints and a trigger finger which curled inward toward my palm. It wouldn’t straighten. I programmed the water to help the joints and my finger. I don’t have any pain in my joints and my finger is almost straight. Love, Carlene”

Dev Khalsa, manages a naturopathic clinic in Toronto has been using the water in his local environment. “What we have noticed is that not just some, but ALL of the noxious weeds, have disappeared from the river upstream from our dam where I have been throwing in my prayer-water. They have been replaced by water lilies.” For more of their work see www.TorontoDowsers.com

Raymon Grace has been studying various forms of healing and connections with the spirit world since 1973.

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