The Divine Art of Dowsing

By Janet Dunlap, Chapter President

Please join our group and learn more about these  tools for self empowerment.

Imagine a means for locating lost articles or buried pipes or missing persons.

Imagine a tool for communicating with your Higher Self, your Spirit Guides and Guardian Angels for help and guidance. Then imagine being able to know this information by “seeing” it visibly. Through the ancient art of dowsing–a very fine tool for amplifying intuitive information–you can do all of these things and more. The applications of dowsing are only limited by what the mind can imagine.

Dowsing is the ability to obtain information beyond that which we take in with our five senses. Most dowsers believe they are able not only to find anything anywhere but also to obtain information about the past and present. Dowsing has been called Divining, Dactylomancy, Radesthesia, Water Witching, Doodlebugging and Rhabdomancy (divining by a rod), to name a few. The French used the word “sourciers” to describe dowsers as “finders of sources.” Many people associate the term “dowsing” with someone locating an underground water source by walking about in a field or pasture holding a forked stick between both hands. The stick twists and pulls down to indicate the location of the water source. The dowser asks the question and the tool makes a response to visibly provide the information.

No one knows definitely how far back dowsing dates. However, there is pictorial evidence that it was known and used at least 8,000 to 9,000 years ago. In 1949 the French discovered rock paintings in the caves of Tassili which depict a man using a dowsing tool. In Peru, a rock carving more than 9,000 years old depicts a man holding a forked dowsing stick. Dowsing was referred to by the ancient Chinese as the art of Feng Shui, and Confuscius mentions dowsing in his writings of 2,500 B.C. Depictions of dowsing have also been found on Egyptian tombs. The Bible refers to dowsing as both a means of locating water and as a means of the divination of information for guidance. The dowser in early times was respected as a highly intuitive and illuminated being.

Important factors in dowsing are the tool, programming the tool, receiving permission to dowse for the information, the question, and the dowsing response (information):

1.      Tools are the Y-rod or “forked stick”, the pendulum (any weight tied to the end of a string, chain, etc.), the L-rod or angle rod, and the bobber which is like a rod on a spring. Although there are many variations of these instruments, the material of which they are made is immaterial.

2.      The tool is programmed so that the conscious mind, subconscious mind and dowsing instrument are in agreement on what responses indicate a “yes” and “no.” For example, in using a pendulum, the pendulum’s clockwise rotation may indicate a “yes” while a counterclockwise rotation may indicate a “no” response.

3.      Ask permission to dowse for the information you are seeking: Are you ready and able to dowse this, is it proper and appropriate to do so, and is it for the highest good that you do this? People frequently ask me to whom I am directing these questions. For me, I am asking permission from God, the Source, the One, the Universal Mind, Superconscious–whatever name you prefer.

4.      Ask the correct question: the more accurate the question, the more accurate the answer. Make your question specific, logical and unambiguous.

5.      The dowsing response occurs when the dowser is in the alpha state–relaxed yet observant.

When I ask a question with my conscious mind, this goes to my subconscious mind which then accesses the information from the superconscious and channels it back through my subconscious. My subconscious controls the involuntary muscle response which causes my dowsing instrument to move. This movement gives me a visible “read-out” of the information I have asked for.

My first experience with dowsing began with a request for help. A friend helped me resolve a conflict by dowsing information for me. I asked the questions while he, after receiving permission to do so, dowsed the answers. The answers “resonated” with me and I knew they were true. Evidently I knew this information but hadn’t been able to access it consciously.

In 1994 I learned to dowse at an American Society of Dowsers Basic School and then continued on in Expanded and Specialized Schools of Dowsing. Long interested in health, healing and wholeness, I was drawn to learning more about energies of the earth, the human energy field and how the one affected the health and well-being of the other. I found dowsing to be an extraordinary tool for locating and working with these subtle energies.

Much has been written about earth energies. Some terrestrial currents are beneficial and promote health in plants, animals and humans. In ancient times, people often gathered to live in these beneficial places where plants, animals and humans thrived. Often, these areas were found on energy leys or straight lines or alignments of sacred places where the current had a spiritual effect on man. According to Sig Lonegren in his book Labyrinths: Ancient Myths & Modern Uses, these energy leys have a yang or active charge and where they cross, yin or receptive energy occurs and creates an energy power center. Many of these energy lines and power centers are found in England, France and North America.

Not all energies are beneficial to humans and their human energy fields, however. Through dowsing, you can determine whether the energies are beneficial or detrimental as well as the safe time for an individual to remain in that location. Detrimental electro and magnetic fields may occur naturally from underground streams, faults or fractures in the earth or from such man-made sources as high power lines, transformers, TV sets, microwaves, etc. Dowsing can identify and locate where these zones are cutting through a home or work site. Research by a master dowser, Tom Millerin, has shown that these non-beneficial energies deplete the human energy field or aura, sometimes reducing it over time to within a few inches from the physical body. Normally a healthy person’s auric field extends at least several feet from their body. Research on noxious zones and the correlation between them and certain diseases such as cancer and arthritis has been done but mostly by countries outside the U.S. The good news is that these zones can be cleared so they no longer affect plants, animals, people or appliances detrimentally.

Before I go on site to evaluate someone’s home or workplace for noxious zones, I ask for a hand-drawn map or diagram of the site in order to map dowse the information beforehand. I also dowse for the presence of other detrimental energies at this site. These may be negative influences such as non-beneficial thought forms, entities and/or energies which have an elemental intelligence which can affect people negatively and/or interfere with their ability to become who they truly are.

These non-beneficial energies can also be cleared.

Dowsing is a fine tool for working with the human energy field as well — evaluating the condition and adjusting any imbalances. Barbara Ann Brennan, in her books Hands of Light and Light Emerging finds that imbalances which show up in the human energy system (aura, chakras, hara, meridians, etc.) if left uncorrected will, over time, show up eventually as imbalances or dis-ease in the physical body. My experience in dowsing to balance the human energy field of clients is that keeping the field in balance not only promotes health and well-being but also helps the body to better cope with and handle the effects of stress.

Francis Hitching in “Dowsing: The Psi Connection” writes that perhaps 5% of the population may be “superdowsers” of exceptional natural ability. The rest of us also have the ability to learn to dowse and to use this divine gift in all areas of our lives. The applications are limitless.

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