Affirmations to Super-Charge Your Life

Affirmations can be a supportive tool in you forming the life you want. It is NOT magic. They only work if you feel that they are possible for you. Even remotely. A good exercise to do is to “pretend” that what you are saying is so. We use to pretend a lot when we were children. Pretending is very powerful & will give you fantastic results.

So, if you choose to use these affirmations, read them and “pretend” they are who you are & feel that they are what you want. Be present & aware of what happens in your life. Events, people, circumstance may occur that you may not expect. Be thankful. It’s working!


I am aware & present & in total control of my mind. My mind accepts only advantageous & beneficial messages that support my amazing & gratifying life.

I am aware of ALL types of energies in my energy field. My energy field is predominately comprised of Divine Love & Harmony.

I am safe wherever I go & whatever I do. My family, friends, & country are safe as well.

I am always in Divine Harmony wherever I am & whatever I am doing. I have impeccable timing; everything that occurs in my life is delightfully surprising & wonderfully satisfying.

All my thoughts & actions create an immensely gratifying life for me.

I am a prosperity magnet. I deserve prosperity. I attract the wherewithal that gives me a bountiful & extravagant lifestyle.

I am healthy, strong, fit, & limber. I always make choices that support my healthy body. My body ONLY absorbs nutrients & energies that support health & vitality.

I am an excellent time manager. I use time effectively & efficiently, thereby, my life is incredibly satisfying, rewarding, & gratifying.

I am an uplifting & supportive influence on everything in my life. Divine Love & Harmony, through me, beneficially influences everyone & everything in my life.

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